Citrus Perl is a binary distribution of Perl created for GUI application developers. The distribution includes wxPerl, the Perl wrapper for wxWidgets. Where supported by the operating system wxWidgets is available as a package for the 2.8.x stable branch and the 2.9.x development branch.

Several other modules are packaged including GD, DBD::Pg, DBD::mysql and Tk for users wishing to migrate existing Tk code to Wx. Additional modules can be built from CPAN as with any other Perl installation. For Windows users, a package of the gcc compiler is available and can be installed from within Citrus Perl itself if required.

Distributions are available for MS Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

The distribution is provided under the same Artistic License as the packaged Perl.

The current releases of Citrus Perl can be downloaded from the sourceforge project site.

Download Citrus Perl.

Citrus Perl comes with a simple GUI application to manage updates and special Citrus Features:

Thumbnail image for packageupdate.png

Citrus Perl can re-package itself as a new distribution including your own modules.


Executables dependent on the installation of Citrus Perl can also be created. These executables can be distributed together with your own Perl distributions created with Citrus.


Download Citrus Perl


Citrus Perl

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